Free SMS to Mobile Phones Worldwide and Free Calls to Landlines

Make maximum use of the internet by sending free SMS to mobiles worldwide and making free calls to landlines.

On average global phone users spends around $20/month sending text messages to other mobiles and calling landlines. At the same time, majority of the mobile phone users have regular access to internet and spends enormous time on social networking sites.

Networking sites offers free services to chat with your friends and store or share pictures and media. However the social networking sites generates billions of revenue annually, and massive profits from that.
It will be best if these networking sites share the profits with the site members, by offering free SMS and calls online.

Making calls and sending SMS text messages online free call is very cheap, this would help the social networkers save loads on telephone and mobiles bills. Especially those who make long distance phones calls.

Each day billions of dollars are spent on local and international SMS text messages. International text messages can cost up to $0.80. This is absurd because, average cost to sent SMS online is $0.001, some countries costing as little as $0.00001 per sms. For those people who spent time online, they can save fortunes by sending text messages via the internet for free or upto 99% cheaper.

Similarly, billions are spent on local and international calls as well. Some international calls rates to certain destinations are higher that $3.00 per minutes. Again, internet users can save on their telephone bills only if they start making VOIP calls online. At least 100 countries are really cheap to call online, costing as little as $0.0005 / minute.

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