Aspartame Is Poison


The state-of-the-art reanalysis of the Ramazzini Institute data confirms that aspartame is a chemical carcinogen in rodents. This reanalysis confirms that 92% of the lesions observed in experimental animals exposed to aspartame in the RI studies were indeed malignant. It rebuts the claim that infection by Mycoplasma or some other microorganism was responsible for the lesions. In short, this reanalysis provides powerful, validation of the original RI conclusions .

This chemical changes the dopamine level in the brain, and it is particularly deadly for anyone suffering from Parkinson’s diseases. In 1994, a double-blind study was halted by the Institutional Review Board when eight patients with acute depression exhibited an increased expression of their symptoms after they consumed aspartame. On this basis, the authors of the study recommended that patients with unipolar depression avoid the sweetener.

It is pertinent that hypertensive crises have occurred in patients so treated after they consumed foods and beverages containing tyramine and tryptophan. This response probably represents vasospasm caused by amino acid-derived sympathomimetic substances such as norepinephrine and tyramine. Dr. Janet Starr Hull, author of the book Sweet Poison, nearly died of aspartame poisoning in 1991. Since then, she has been working to raise awareness of the dangers of aspartame, and of isolated phenylalanine. Aspartame was approved for dry goods in 1981 and for carbonated beverages in 1983.

The study by Olney focused on the middle aged and older population group. A. The aspartame manufacturers funded 13 years of studies where a 1960’s methanol testing procedure was used. The method used was incapable of registering any increase from normal aspartame ingestion. A properly-conducted test in the mid-1980’s showed a significant increase from the equivalent of one can of soda in a 30 kg child. Significant toxicity of aspartame metabolites (e.g., formaldehyde) seen in numerous scientific studies.

This would occur if a diet drink is substituted for a meal, or if one is on a stringent diet. It is well known that hypoglycemia greatly magnifies the excitotoxic effects of these ingredients. I have reviewed reports from airline and private pilots concerning effects of aspartame on various physiological systems. Several of these are related to the nervous system, which puts this in category of great concern to the pilot as well as the general public. The more common complaints include disorientation, difficulty thinking and concentrating, visual blurring or even monocular blindness, seizures and heart failure. It is well known that the ingredients in aspartame, as well as its breakdown products, have deleterious effects on the nervous system and retina.

In contrast, consumption of phenylalanine in the form of aspartame elevates plasma phenylalanine levels without elevating those of the other LNAA, and this causes marked elevations in the plasma phenylalanine ratio . The study noted that aspartame is “probably the only phenylalanine-containing food how to take cbd oil under your tongue that man has ever eaten which elevates this ratio”. An elevation in the plasma phenylalanine ratio causes a parallel rise in brain phenylalanine levels and also tends to reduce the corresponding ratios for the other LNAA, thus decreasing their brain uptakes and tending to lower their brain levels.

Can you see why you can never believe anything you hear from any of these associations? Every single association, from the American Medical Association, the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, the American Diabetic Association, and on and on and on all receive money from special interest groups. When they receive the money from these special interest groups they are told what products to endorse and which ones to criticize. These associations are nothing more than mouthpieces for the multinational corporations that are secretly giving them the money to operate. Stay away from aspartame and every artificial sweetener. I will write more on Splenda later, but if you want to get the inside scoop on Splenda go to The bottom line here is, as I always state, do not buy any product from a publicly traded corporation.

When re-evaluating previously authorised additives, EFSA may either confirm, amend or withdraw an existing ADI following review of all available evidence. Although its name sounds tame, this deadly neurotoxin is anything but. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener made by the Monsanto Corporation and marketed as “Nutrasweet,” “Equal,” “Spoonful” and countless other trade names. Although aspartame is added to over 9,000 food products, it is not fit for human consumption! This toxic poison changes into formaldehyde in the body and has been linked to migraines, seizures, vision loss and symptoms relating to lupus, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and other health destroying conditions . Learn more information about this crime against our health.

But It Must Be Safe In Small Doses!

Fruits are chewed and ingested their methanol is always accompanied by Ethanol which prevents the Methanol metabolising; some may be attached by a strong bond to pectin. All these natural products have to be ingested which takes time and allows the body to excrete or clear any Methanol naturally. There is no comparison here to the Pure Methanol released by aspartame directly into the bloodstream. For Methanol to metabolise it is dependant entirely on the presence or not of Ethanol in the blood – Ethanol and Methanol “fight” for the attention of ADH. Methanol is the smallest of all the alcohol molecules and easily passes all our biological barriers. Once free from its other constituents it rapidly enters the bloodstream and within minutes, can reach far into our cells anywhere in the body, including the brain and all our vital organs.

Is There Science Behind This?

Dr. Mercola is a licensed physician and surgeon in the state of Illinois. His practice first opened outside of Chicago in 1986, where he has treated over 20,000 patients. Compiled by researchers, physicians, and artificial sweetner experts for Mission is kratom an opioid Possible, a group dedicated to warning consumers about aspartame. It began with being constantly dizzy and having a ringing in my ears. Of course I went to my doctor and an ENT and they said this would go away and it was simply fluid in my ears.

I was watching my carbs very closely for the last 10 years and still do. Jim Krossik was an employee at Searle’s first aspartame plant in Phoenix. He developed neural toxicity from breathing the aspartame dust in the air in the plant and passed out on the plant floor. When he recovered and returned to work, he found that all employees were required to wear a facemask lest cbd oil wiki they breathe the deadly Nutra Sweet dust. The horrendous toxicity of aspartame has been well documented ever since its inception. The full text of this report is on our website at We hope everyone can help by sending this report to cardiologists, athletic organizations, neurologists, the media and mass mailing lists to get this information out to the general public.

Like all food additives, aspartame has been assigned an “E-number” following authorisation. Its presence in foods can be indicated either by name (i.e. “aspartame”) or by its number E 951. Aspartame Disease is partially the cause to what is behind some of the mystery of the Desert Storm health problems. Several thousand pallets of diet drinks were shipped to the Desert Storm troops. Diet drinks sat in the 120-degree F Arabian sun for weeks at a time on pallets.

Pesticides In Tea: Is Your Favorite Tea Contaminated With Harmful Chemicals?

Several studies have shown that aspartame used in Diet Coke harms the brain. Additionally, Mr. Trump is 70 years old; the damaging effects can be more pronounced on older folks. However, there’s currently no evidence to suggest that it increases the risk for seizures, MS, lupus, cancer, or other illnesses. They found that even with a high dose of about 50 mg, aspartame was no more likely to cause seizures than a placebo. They suggested that the phenylalanine in aspartame may prevent the body from producing and releasing “feel-good” neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine. They also proposed that aspartame may contribute to oxidative stress and the release of cortisol.

Young Living also carries a pure, unadulterated agave, similar in consistency to honey, with a lovely taste. Eating foods that have nutritive value, stopping the use of sodas and junk food, can go a long way in minimizing unwanted calories, and improving health. Aspartame poisoning, which often mimics MS type symptoms, is a very serious problem. I have included a couple articles here that speak about the dangers of this poison. A dear friend died from aspartame poisoning, and I would like to alert people to get off this substance, which many people find addicting.

Aspartame Toxicity Data With Reference

If you are on any other drugs, it may affect your ability to notice a withdrawal and/or minimize symptoms. • During et al demonstrated that changes in brain phenylalanine may selectively affect production of the dopamine molecule that becomes preferentially released into synapses. The transformation of phenylalanine to dopamine and dopamine metabolites assumes relevance in addictive states. Such repeated rushes can result in desensitization of the brain to dopamine.

When too much isolated phenylalanine is consumed, such as in the case of drinking diet sodas that contain aspartame, it acts as a neurotoxin and can overstimulate neurons and cause cellular death within the brain. If you are a user of any products with aspartame, and you have physical, visual or mental problems, take the 60-day no aspartame test. If, after two months with no aspartame, your symptoms are either gone, or are much less severe, please get involved to get this neurotoxin off the market.

The by-product of aspartame when it is broken down in the body is phenylalanine. Most people can metabolize the phenylalanine amino acid; however, certain patients with the homozygote genetic predisposition to phenylketonuria, or PKU, with strict dietary restriction should avoid aspartame. The FDA requires that all food or beverage products that contain aspartame have this warning listed on the nutrition label. FDA has reported that aspartame is safe as a general purpose sweetener in food and is not carcinogenic. It is a mixture of 40% aspartic acid, 50% phenylalanine, and 10% methanol (also known as wood alcohol – poison!) Although there are no publicized studies to substantiate the risks of aspartame, there are many who suffer from adverse reactions. As at the time of writing, there were 92 adverse reactions to aspartame that have been reported to the FDA.

Cancer Risk Higher Than Thought

The whole thought of the FDA doing this makes me sick. The next time it happened, it was Jello pudding at a friend’s house. One spoonful and the same thing happened, not quite as bad, but no question it was the same thing. I used to chew Wrigley’s gum, then one day I got this horrible sore throat and lost my voice.

Reduce products such as low-calorie puddings, diet sodas, gelatin mixtures, and powdered beverage blends containing aspartame. However, because aspartame also has a sweet taste such as sugar, it can increase your habit to eat other sweet and calorie foods. When taking aspartame, the body’s metabolic processes will break down into methanol. The process also occurs in your body when consuming fruits, vegetables, juices, beverages, and fermented products so that the metabolic process of aspartame is not a new process for the body. Information within this site is not intended to replace legal, medical, or any other professional service. The information provided is not a replacement for professional advice or care.

Unfortunately, most of those actually make you gain weight, according to studies. Unfortunately, my time is more precious than ever, and the experience of this left me a little broken. There are people who don’t want to hear it, and who are very avid in their pursuit of that.

Dr. Gross led the investigation against aspartame, was there on site seeing the fraud with his own eyes. Now if Dr. Gross had said aspartame was safe he would be one of the good guys, but Gross exposed everything going on. Anybody who won’t say aspartame is safe to you is a critic without proof.

It’s the putrefaction that liberates the methyl alcohol. “The methanol bounces off the catalase or bounces off something there,” Dr. Monte says. “What happens then is every cell in your body cannot metabolize methanol. Wherein the animal body, every cell can metabolize and turn it to formic acid, which is safe. The food industry decided, ‘We’ve got to test the methanol to see how safe it is.’ They went to the laboratory and they tested animals.

The daily consumption of chemically produced aspartame is increasing. Understanding the adverse effects of aspartame and its metabolites is thus essential. The European Food Safety Authority set the ADI of aspartame for humans at 40 mg/kg of body weight. Many research and studies show that 75% of adverse reactions to food additives are related to aspartame. Aspartame can acuse migraines or headaches, weight gain, rashes, fatigue, insomnia, hearing and vision problems, anxiety attacks, loss of taste and speech, memory loss, respiratory problems, muscle spasms and heart palpitation. Aspartame could also increase the risk of chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, alzheimer’s, birth defects, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome and brain tumors.

Conversion of aspartame to DKP results in the loss of the sweet taste for which aspartame is used. Phenylalanine is an amino acid making up protein found in many foods. It can also be converted by the body into tyrosine, which is another amino acid used in protein synthesis and for the formation of some hormones and neurotransmitters. Phenylalanine is a so-called essential amino acid as it cannot be produced by the body and must be supplied through the diet.

In addition, consulting on draft scientific outputs is important to gather views, data sources and comments that can in turn ensure the completeness, clarity and effectiveness of the final outputs. Since 2002, EFSA has kept the safety of aspartame under regular review and its scientific panels have issued several opinions on studies related to this sweetener. 2011 EFSA concludes that two recent publications on artificial sweeteners do not give reason to reconsider previous safety assessments of aspartame or of other sweeteners currently authorised in the EU.

Q. A 47-year-old female sought consultation by the author for increasingly severe problems over the previous 1-1/2 years, during which time she consumed large amounts of aspartame. She began the day by drinking three cups of coffee to each of which an aspartame tabletop sweetener was added. She then ingested glasses or cups of aspartame-sweetened beverages, and ate considerable amounts of aspartame puddings.

Aspartame Alternatives

These days, most doctors that provide care for PKU patients preach that the low protein PKU diet should be a way of life and, if we value our health and well-being, those of us with the disorder should never stray from it. A. Formaldehyde breaks down into formic acid in the body. However, it appears that with aspartame, the formaldehyde accumulates in the body as “adducts.” Even if it didn’t though, having excess levels of formaldehyde passing through the body is a significant toxicity hazard.

I filled the cup up with ice again and drank more slowly, savoring it. Then I filled it up with ice again and only filled the cup half way. I had had maybe an entire cup of soda as the ice took up most of the volume in the cup. I had done this on purpose so I would not drink so much. I reluctantly tossed the cup in the trash and went home. I was cooled off and I felt a bit guilty for ‘going off the wagon” after doing so good for 6 weeks.

You may also want to peruse one of the key pages on this site that provides a document listing 92 symptoms caused by aspartame that had to be pried out of the FDA’s own records by Freedom of Information Act means. This should show you that the FDA is not ignorant of the real facts about aspartame. Activists in New Mexico have gotten the attention of their government and hearings are being scheduled to discuss the ban of aspartame within the state of New Mexico. Rather than discussing an unobtainable daily dose of 200 mg/kg, it is preferable to discuss a very easily obtainable dose of 10 mg/kg of aspartame. Actually, a large number of people have reported to this author ingesting far in excess of this amount on a daily basis. Even the industry’s own research shows that higher dosages are easily-obtainable by consumers [Ref.

But if you set me up on a blind test over a period of a few days on each kind of artificial and natural sweeteners, I can tell you which were the aspartame by the shooting pains in my right arm. Full disclosure, yes I smoke about a half a pack of cigarettes a day. More on days that I enjoy a few stiff Jack and waters. Yes I understand it could be any combination of things that we introduce into this chemistry set know as our bodies. But for me, aspartame is one of those elements in the combination. I don’t need a white paper, study, journal, or book to tell me this, but feel free to include it in them.

Given Efsa Is Not Proposing Any Change To The Adi, What Is Different About This Scientific Opinion?

I don’t see you writing some of the physicians and researchers who say emphatically you are wrong. Instead you back away and see how many others you can mislead. You’ll argue with me but the renowned physicians and researchers who have told you that you’re wrong you won’t touch because you know they know more than you do on the subject.

Understand Cancer

Aspartame reduces IQ, triggers ADD, autism, ADHD and other horrors. Like our FDA today they are nothing more than the handmaiden of the pharmaceutical industry. No matter how much evidence you give them they do nothing. However, as she was going through her medical training at one of the top medical schools in the USA, she was told that half of what she would be taught over the next 4 years would later be found to be inaccurate, they just didn’t know which half. Both are in the grey zone as a “safe” alternative to sugar. I avoid this poison as much as possible by looking for products with Splenda , Acesulfame-K, and, Stevia.

Hopefully, this chapter will make you hesitate before you let your toddler take another sip of your diet cola. These days you’ll find me using my experiences here to write about herbal remedies and natural health research — a big passion of mine. I wanted to create a place to connect with and support other moms for creating a natural, healthy, and fulfilling home life. In response to readers’ questions, I went on a search of how to best detox aspartame poisoning.

Nearly all psychological imbalances like depression are related to some degree to poor microbiome health. Educate yourself about the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet. Fatigue, foggy thinking, a general sense of being ‘let down’ or depressed, headache, nausea, vomiting, sometime flu-like symptoms, and food doesn’t taste as good.

Aspartic acid is a neuroexicter, which means its structure affects the central nervous system. Hyperactivity is stimulated by aspartic acid, so this structure is not good for ADD/ADHD conditions and should be avoided during pregnancy. The structure of aspartame seems simple, but what a complicated structure aspartame really is. Two isolated amino acids in aspartame are fused together by its third component, deadly methanol. In this structure, methanol bonds the two amino acids together, but when released at a mere 86 degrees Fahrenheit, the methanol becomes a poisonous free radical. Aspartame dangers are the common denominator for over 92 different health symptoms at the root of modern disease.

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